vintage tractor restoration services
We specialise in painting all types of farm and commercial equipment from generators to vintage tractors, unlike many other paint spraying companies we are fully mobile and come to you.
All we ask is you supply a suitable workshop, on site power and heating if required.
Tractor spraying
With over 30 years experience we can offer all types of tractor spraying and refurbishment, from a low cost re coat to a full show standard vintage tractor, some of our finished projects are available to view around the Buckinghamshire area.
What we can offer
In most cases customers like to get involved with their restoration so they take care of to stripping, pressure cleaning, shot blasting, welding and final assembly, with over 30 years in the paint spraying industry we can take care of any 2 pack filler work prior to the application of high build primers and a variety of top coats such as high build synthetic paints to industrial 2 packs.
As with all things, quality really depends on budget, we charge very reasonable day rates for 1 man including plant, or a fixed price per job.
What area's do we cover ?
We cover Buckinghamshire, and the surrounding area's such as Berkshire and Hertfordshire, please call to see if we can help.

Marshall Fieldmaster restored in 2001
restoring a vintage marshall tractor

Massey 1200 finished March 2012
restoring a massey 1200

Muir Hill Restoration 2013 / 2014

The strip down ready for sand blasting
Muir hill restoration Muir hill tractor parts Muir Hill spraying

More information >>>>
Take a look at our Muir Hill restoration page

Massey 1200 restoration

The customer dismantles and cleans the tractor, then it is sent away to be shot blasted

massey 1200 dismantle massey 1200 cleaning

From this point we fill all dents and scratches, then spray apply specialist high build primers and anti rust coatings.
Synthetic topcoats were popular some years ago....these days Polyester 2 pack enamels are far superior.
massey 1200 ready for renovation massey 1200 painted bodyshell

The Massey 1200 engine is removed and professionally rebuilt and again we work our magic, we pride ourselves on paying special attention to the parts you don't see as well as the parts you do.
massey 1200 engine massey 1200 engine restoration

Here the rear axle is stripped out and shot blasted, we spray apply several coats of high build primer and a Polyurethane 2 pack top coat bringing the Massey 1200 back to better condition than when it left the production line.
massey 1200 rear axle massey 1200 restored

see our step by step restoration of the 1973 Ford County

see more step by step tractor restoration pictures
Ford county restoration pictures here

Scratch and dent repairs to farm machinery
We fully understand that clients may not always be interested in vintage tractors, our services include dent and scratch repairs to modern vehicles including plant.
We are based near to High Wycombe and cover the home counties and M25 region

tractor paint spraying we repair tractors we spray trailers we spray containers and generator housings

We also spray vintage army vehicles and modern plant

paint spraying plant

paint spraying vintage vehicles and machinery

Lots of people ask what paint spraying system we use, we find the best unit for spraying small plant is HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) such as the Q Tech turbine which is a very portable unit with minimum overspray and paint wastage.
For larger area's a small airless spray unit  such as the Wagner Project Pro will offer better coverage and a higher paint build up.




If you have any questions please give us a call on

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or send an e mail to Powder coat repair specialist

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